2.8 billion

Total issuance

Dozens of international sports

Sports Finance

KOF mining 2.5 billion

Mobile mining

Ten international players

Community members

Application of KOF Application

KOF community autonomous currency helps the development of world sports events through the combination of blockchain technology and defi distributed finance, so as to enable people around the world to participate more widely in the ranks of national fitness and realize the good wish of blockchain to serve the real industry.
Contract address:0x5b741408c85193fe88b34acbc73e2c67953dfe1e

Algorithms and rules Algorithms

Flow pool

After the issuance of tokens, 300 million of them will enter the market

Mobile mining

2.5 billion mining, with an output of 50 million in the first month, decreasing by 13% every month.

Smart contract

KOF has upgraded its algorithm, trading and mining, and is fully implemented in accordance with the smart contract

Preaching Sports

KOF United more than ten sports stars such as Thai boxing champion, free fighting champion and comprehensive fighting world champion to preach sports finance, and rewarded 300 million KOF dollars to those who have made great contributions to sports

Digital gold

KOF continuously circulates through every sports competition and will become more and more valuable with the support of various sports champions

Community autonomy

KOF creates defi distributed finance and creates value through consensus

KOF advantages advantages

In terms of technical characteristics, KOF has all the characteristics of bitcoin, such as decentralization, borderless, security, anonymity, convenience, etc. In addition to these advantages, KOF also enhances and adds new advantages, such as algorithm upgrading, mobile mining, sports champion endorsement, defi distributed finance, etc.
KOF reshapes the sports market value, completes the value derived from sports peripheral, sports IP and other series of sports, and makes Siam the first token of sports competition through circulation, reward and event bonus.

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KOF community community

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